Monday, November 19, 2012

57. Sun and Shield

some days are like this
God directs us to a verse
everywhere you look, there it is
as if telling you, it's time to converse

God will reveal Himself
when the Scriptures you read and study
He prods and He prompts
He guides your life, daily

The Lord is a sun and shield
This is the verse that keeps coming up
Psalms chapter 84, verse 11
Everywhere I look it shows up.

I see it in my prayer wall
I turned to my Bible to read
I checked the day's devotional
and lo! the same verse appeared.

I have the same verse in my notes' cover
Written a year ago
Today's daily verse in my phone's daily bible
the 31st verse in the 22nd chapter of 2Samuel

the words sun, shield, refuge
Coming down like a deluge
SHIELD and SUN, Shield and Sun
GLORY and GRACE of The Holy One.

He is indeed a Sun and a Shield
He shines on me and I bathe in His light
He shields me from unnecessary worry
I battled against worry for His greater Glory

The Lord God is my refuge

Everyday that I face this  uncertainty about a health issue
And everyday I see HIS Grace
I am alive and can still walk, to Him I offer praise.

Friday, November 16, 2012

56.reading the Scriptures

I have been reading the Scriptures
seeking wisdom in the words of God
with intent to learn, to know more and more
I read in silence, I read aloud.

I wrote verses in pieces of paper
and posted them on my wall of prayers
But verses alone don't say much
unlike if you read and understand entire chapters

God is faithful, He watches over us
and helps us with what we need
be it for material things but not for greed
He supplies the wisdom in what we read

God warns us against appearing Godly
having a form of godliness but denying its power
He tells us to not be like some people
always learning yet to the knowledge of truth, not any closer.

All Scripture is breathed out by God
profitable for reproof, correction, teaching
in our quest to live in righteousness
we can be competent and equipped through Scripture-reading.

AW Tozer warns against this folly:
selecting a few favorite passages to the exclusion of others
"Nothing less than a whole Bible
can make a whole Christian", that's his reminder.

2 Timothy 3

16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
17 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

Monday, November 12, 2012

55. my prayer for today

I thank the Lord today
in my bed as I lay
waking up to a new day
although missing the sun's rays

I heard the rain's pitter patter
on the roof and on the ground
a mild storm, is it on its way?
I can tell from the rain's sound

I hear Chip Ingram in the background
his podcast, what is it about?
he talks about personal failures
and how life's difficulties,they compound

when failures happen, do you also feel
God's attempts to get your attention?
a money problem, a health issue,
a serious bad news, do you see a revelation?

my prayer to my Mighty God
I do acknowledge your calling
Speak to me, reveal the words,
With an open heart, I'm listening.

Praise the Lord!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

54. pardon me

i miss painless days
when i could smile always
tired of a wince and a cringe
would there be relief from a syringe?

today I write a verse
that I know will sound terse
i just want to vent
on my pillow my tears went

a detour from the usual poetry
just one day, pardon me!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

53. can we go find some darkness?

this is a story of a three year old girl
who went shopping with her mom
to Wal-Mart they went for stuff
at around three in the early morn

for some reason the little girl
she loved flashlights like crazy
so at the counter, her mom picked up one
handed it to the child, who beamed with glee

as the mom was paying for it
the little girl turned the flashlight on
and because it was Wal-Mart, it was bright as day
no light was seen wherever she aimed it upon

she tried and tried to no avail
and so to her mother, she said
can we go find some darkness?
let's leave this bright place instead.

at her tender age she understood
that light works only effectively
only there where there is darkness
a flashlight's beam you can see

it is the same with the light of Christ
that is found in the inside of us
if we take His light unto this dying world
darkness is dispelled in the name of Jesus.

it is an opportunity to do something now
in the midst of darkness, let us shine the light
say to the enemy, "you're not going to win!"
With Jesus' hope and light we'll win this fight.

Thursday, November 8, 2012 prayer

Use me as a vessel of Your words
Perform Your work in me
Use my verses, use my prose
To send the message of humility

Bless my thoughts and my actions
Allow me to touch other people's hearts
Teach me how to use Your words
To encourage and remove what hurts.

Enlighten me with Scriptures
Help me find the right words to say
So that each and every verse I write
Will reveal Your wisdom to guide our way.

I humbly ask You, Dear Father
To fill my days with hope
Help me look forward to each tomorrow
So that with any discouragement, I'd cope.

I want more and more of Your words
Enrich my life with Your love
Through my own pains I will proclaim
You are my Father, my Everlasting God.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

51. worry not

(pic from t2Mari's album) 

each day that pass,
I learn something new
lessons I have heard before
but that which the wild wind blew

how many times
have I heard the SERMON on the Mount
God's reminders and commands
so that in our lives, his Words shall count

He said, "Don't be anxious,
don't worry about anything"
let your requests be known to God
by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving

worry and anxiety
have entered my life recently
health issues in big proportions
one after another, dumped on me

but one thing I cannot deny
that on top of all these issues
There is still God's loving hand
and I say, His Peace, I choose.

Deliverance from a major operation
He provided everything, including costs
Now while waiting for the medical report
A temptation to worry, "Will my life be lost?"

"Can anyone of you, by worrying
add a single hour to your life?
The peace of God which surpasses all understanding
in Christ Jesus will guard your hearts and minds.
[Philippians 4:6–7]

Everyday I feel my thoughts are new
a renewal and a growing of faith
the mustard seed assures my soul
that God will never leave or forsake

I have this peace, God's gift to me
In my brokenness, His grace I found
This earthly life is all but nothing
Hold on to Him till we're Homeward bound.

Friday, November 2, 2012

50. everyday pain

front and back
I am broken
inside and outside
I am torn

ten years ago
the right leg suffered
and now as I feel it
the left leg is bothered

I am stitched
to the end of my wits
as i walk, i limp
when will the pain quit?

Shalom, she lost a tooth
yet she felt blessed
this attitude of thankfulness
to copy it is my quest!

i live in pain everyday
it is starting to be the norm
i know this is the way
for faith to be built and formed

Thursday, November 1, 2012

49.Thank you!

How can I not say
that God is around, listening
to the silent hopes of our hearts
that we bring to Him when we're praying

For a while now
I have this hope and wish
to receive a copy
of Ann Voskamp's "One Thousand Gifts"

Maybe I have not tried hard enough
to look for a copy in the bookstore
Maybe because my God
has something else for me, in store

A prodding, He sent to my friend
and she asked if I want a copy
It was awesome, right there I realized
that through my friend, God is sending a gift to me.

Thank you!