Friday, November 2, 2012

50. everyday pain

front and back
I am broken
inside and outside
I am torn

ten years ago
the right leg suffered
and now as I feel it
the left leg is bothered

I am stitched
to the end of my wits
as i walk, i limp
when will the pain quit?

Shalom, she lost a tooth
yet she felt blessed
this attitude of thankfulness
to copy it is my quest!

i live in pain everyday
it is starting to be the norm
i know this is the way
for faith to be built and formed


  1. Praying for relief from pain. Your verses reminded me of Paul the Apostle. He asked, no, pleaded with the Lord to remove the thorn from his side, three times he did. Then the Lord replied, "My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness." I don't know what He is up to, but I know He is perfecting something in us.

    You mentioned a limp which brought to mind the story of Jacob (Gen 32:31). He was wrestling with God all night. You know what? God blessed him for enduring til the end.

  2. Thank you dear sis! I am blessed this morning reading your comments. Yes, He is perfecting something in us! I groan about my pains but God always answers my questions so I know that He is in control of what is going on with me. When the pain is too much to bear, He gives me rest from it too. I shall endure until He is done sending me a message through this trial.
    Blessings to you too, sister. I hope J is well and can join us here soon too.

  3. You may not see me as much but I read everything in all your blogs, in g-mail and FB too. I cry, wince and get blessed by every word you write. I'm about to go to my sister who'll drive me to my BIR appointment.

    I will definitely join you again. And I am praying with you, sisters.