Thursday, December 22, 2011

26. the sheep and the shepherd: a metaphor

the sheep are among
the densest animals God created
defenseless by nature
they are slow and easily frightened

sheep cannot find food
and water without help
when danger is near
won't fight back, but just yelp

they don't have survival skills
they eat grass down to the roots
unless someone leads them
they're a target easy to shoot

they'll stay in a barren land
they will bleat until they die
without a caring shepherd
they'll just cry and never try

even the simple task of drinking water
they cannot do on their own
frightened by bubbles and splashes
they won't come near, and yes, won't drown

everything must be given them
the food to eat and drinking water
without a shepherd looking after
wild animals will find them easy to slaughter

in the Hebrew social scale
the shepherd is the lowliest job
in a Hebrew family
this job gets bumped down to the youngest son

the rod is a long strong stick
at the end you'll find a knob
then a tall pole with a crook on top
is the staff, on the other hand

the staff is an equipment
to keep them out of trouble and on the right path
when close to the cliff's edge and into ravines
they're pulled out by the crook of the staff

the rod is the shepherd's equipment
that kills wild animals seeking a sheep to devour
with a shepherd's precise aim and deadly force
he could protect the sheep from predators

the rod and staff, are the shepherd's instruments
for the sheep's provision and protection
did it ever cross your mind at all
is this metaphor a fitting comparison?

we are the sheep, and the Lord, our shepherd
no need to be offended by the lowly description
the clueless sheep, to the shepherd has invaluable worth
the shepherd,a symbol of  strength and protection

the message in the 23rd Psalm, have you heard?
it is not just a story between the sheep and shepherd
in it is a truth, a promise, a future
even in times of crisis, be secure, God's love endures

*based on chapter 2 of Chip Ingram's book, "I am with you always" (pp. 55-57)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

25. how do you talk to God?

i have heard people ask 
how do you talk to God?
how do you hear HIS voice?
does He answer with a nod?

God is not human 
that we can physically see or hear 
we can only sense his presence 
and experience that He's near 

He does reply to questions
if in your heart you search sincerely
He gives signs and admonitions 
if you try to look and listen carefully

it is never an easy thing 
human interpretations can get in incorrectly
for every question that we need answered
turn to the Scriptures, look closely 

pray for guidance and direction 
look in places where God's servants dwell
seek the Holy Spirit's leading
On your knees, fight the battle!

24.thanking God even when we're hurting

(photo by SpinC)

there are countless things
that are easy to be grateful for
Ephesians 5:20, it says
for ALL things, always thank the Lord

thus it means all thankfulness
is not only for the good things
and that even so we should
thank God when we're hurting

it isn't easy to feel thankful
for the things that make us sad
or for the things that happen to us
that make us feel so bad

but why does the Bible tell us
to be thankful for ALL things
for provisions, for protection
should we be thankful for sins?

it is not the sin to be thankful for
but for the evaluation of the situation
for the consciousness of the wrong done
for atonement and realization

thankfulness draws us nearer
and reminds us of God's presence
looking for God's purpose
is the true and real essence

in spite of the pain we feel
His motivation, we will receive.
to submit to HIS will, to build our faith
against the Evil One, it is a shield

when you give thanks for everything
it changes our hearts and affects our attitude
"nothing to be thankful for"- that's the shout of the devil
the antidote for that is GRATITUDE

Sunday, December 18, 2011

23. the sin of unbelief

are you struggling to believe
in how much God can do for you?
and it is not even because
of the good things that you do

whether you do good or do evil
His blessings will still flow
because HE does what he does
out of HIS own goodness, don't you know?

we don't believe our sins are forgiven
in our pride and ignorance
He forgives us but we can't forgive ourselves
do we realize it's arrogance?

are we even aware
that we insult Him with our unbelief
we think that for all the bad things we had done
we shall never get relief

but our ways are not the same as God's ways
there's a world of difference in between
believe in Him, accept his gift
Out of the darkness, come out clean....

22. Is God changing you?

can you now understand God's reasons
for withholding the answer to your prayer?
when He doesn't seem to hear
and you think He doesn't care

when the fervent hope in your heart
remains unanswered and too distant
when your needs and wants seem ignored
and you don't receive them in an instant

do you now feel compassion
for the people who are hurting?
do you say a prayer for a sick person
when before, in your mind, it's the farthest thing

do you find yourself crying
at the sight of someone dying?
does it tear your heart to pieces
when you see other people suffering?

do you feel bad when you do bad?
as a person, are you now any better?
do you feel glad when you can comfort the sad?
do you notice that your patience is longer?

when you can wish good things for an enemy
and you pray for them a shower of blessings
when for each time that they hurt you
you pray harder and you're still forgiving

No doubt, in your life, God is working
your old, indifferent heart is changing
with constant reading of his words and praying
the brightness of HIs light, you're reflecting.

21. come to grips with who you are

(photo by SpinC)

who did God make you to be?
who are you, that's a question of identity
do you know where do you belong?
that's a question of security

do you know what you are supposed to do?
this is a question of significance
All these questions you must answer
and realize you were not made by chance

think ACCURATELY of who you are
not TOO HIGH and not TOO LOW
bare yourselves, come to grips
and your real self, you will get to know

in the family of God is where you belong
not just today but forever
and what God asks you to do?
your spiritual gifts, do discover

Never forget who you really are
that you are unconditionally accepted
You are God's workmanship
you are fearfully and wonderfully created

Rest and rejoice in God
You are loved, forget false humility
remember this: only God can love you
with such immeasureable, acute intensity

*LOTE podcasts 1124 and 1125 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

20. true spirituality

what is your passion and pursuit?
what is important in your life?
confront yourself with the truth
and cultivate your spiritual side

if you want to really know HIM
what you've left behind, you must forget
strain forward to what's ahead
forget your baggage and regrets

remember that whatever is your baggage
it has no bearing on your future
listen clearly to the message
He's forgiven you, now start feeling secure.

approaching true spirituality
is more about DIRECTION than PERFECTION
it is not all about DUTY
but rather, more about DEVOTION

The question is not "are you perfect?"
but "Who are you pursuing?"
it is more the question of
"what direction is your life going?"

true spirituality is more about
not how you've lived but "is your life changing?"
that is truly the question.

whereever you are in your journey
in this spiritual pilgrimage
draw near to God and He'll draw near you
let us not forget that message.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

19. there's got to be more to life than this!

when you wonder if God is real
when you doubt that HE exists
when you look around you, doesn't it make you feel
that there's got to be more to life than this?

once, an unbeliever said,
"God, if you're real, reveal yourself to me"
The answer is not in an apparition
but in all the things that we can see

the Hubble space Telescope
what great things can it make us see?
a super high powered telescope
allows us a peep of the universe with much greater capability

with a tiny peephole the size of a grain of sand
looking at the universe like at arm's length from where you stand
1500 to 2000 galaxies, the astronomers found
realize this: in one galaxy 50-100 billion stars abound

one tiny crack in the universe
now we're seeing things we've never seen before
faint and bright stars nearest and farthest
what else could they be but a CREATOR'S creations galore!

a peephole the size of a grain of sand
can you imagine if you could see a whole inch?
OR see a whole foot or a whole mile
stumped and struck by this revelation, you will flinch

This vast, awesome, orderly, structured, magnificent beyond
Isn't there more than these?
There's more to you than just flesh

(the figures in Chip Ingram's podcast are even "small" -- be amazed-- read here:   

Monday, December 12, 2011

18. salt of the earth, light of the world

"you are the salt of the earth
you are the light of the world"
pure or impure salt, bright or weak light
these are what we are, we are told

if we lose our saltiness
will we ever get it back?
if our light does not beam brightness
then our lives are in the dark

as salt we must provide flavor
to something that is bland
as light we must drive darkness
and beam brightness where we stand

salt that has become tasteless
is useless and must be cast away
light that doesn't give brightness
should be put out without delay

flavor the lives of the people around us
so that through us they will know God's truth
help them preserve their life's value
prevent decay, instead bear fruits

let our light warm the people around us
let them feel protected and secure
shine our light as bright as He wants
help bring them closer to the love that endures

whose life are we impacting?
are we reflecting the light of God?
a thirst for God, are we creating?
for other people to desire what we have

Friday, December 9, 2011

17. a highway, not a tightrope

walking on a tight rope
a thousand feet down
on both sides, alligators
and piranhas abound

spikes coming out
all sharp and pointed
one miss in my step
I'd surely get wasted

walking on a highway
is so much different
guard rails left and right
stay on the line, go straight ahead

an ideal day with no traffic
would be nice to drive in the center
in life, its equivalent
is to drive out of line when we err

God's will for us is like the highway
and not like the tightrope
Be willing to do what he wants
he is the Father, who gives us hope

for the consequence of our obedience
God is responsible
for the consequence of our disobedience
only ourselves are liable.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

if you want to get acquainted 
with BUTTERFLIES in the future
~~antoine de saint exupery~~


~ currently unavailable 
working some things out 
please bear with the blogger

~ need prayers 
please pray

Friday, December 2, 2011

16. how do you do God's will?

(photo by ~g'n'p)

the secret of the Lord
is for those who fear Him
to "fear Him" is to do life
according to His will

God will instruct you
in the way that you should go
He'll counsel and guide you
with His eye upon you, the good path He will show

But how do you find God's will?
For your life, what does He want?
Finding God's will has more to do
with knowing a "who" than knowing a "what"

Who is God, What is He like?
Seek His face, and seek His heart
To do this, there is a prerequisite
have a rich relationship with Him and submit.

Study His words, ask to be enlightened
in your enlightenment, your response depends
if you don't respond to God's light, remember this:
even the light that you think you have, will cease to exist.

If, on things that God made clear to you,
you're already acting
You can expect God to give you
more light and understanding

How to do God's will, requires you to do many things
Study his words, do your homework~keep researching
seek wisdom outside yourself, Seek mature counsel
PRAY earnestly, until the answer, you can tell.