Thursday, May 19, 2016

65. heaven is a real place

(my notes from Pastor Todd Mullins' message on "heaven")

when i think of heaven
The Pearly Gates come to mind
i think of harps and of angels
dressed in white, all sublime

There God sits to rule
Upon the  Great White Throne
Jesus on His right hand
They're calling all of us home

Some say Heaven is not real
a myth, a lore, a fantasy
a product of imagination
of believers in God and  eternity

But Stephen was a living witness
as  he was being stoned to death
He saw a glimpse of heaven
Before he drew his last breath

the then persecutor Paul
blinded by a bright light, what did he see?
a glimpse of the glorious heaven
He lived to tell the story

Heaven is a reality
There lived God, the "Authority"
Your last breath on earth
is your first breath in eternity

So what's so great about Heaven
When I can't bring my pet along?
We'll there's a lot to look forward to
Listen to me, the list is long.

In Heaven we'll get new bodies
Healthy, free from pain
no sorrows and no suffering
we will even receive new names

We'll be reunited with our loved ones
I bet you can't wait "to hug Dad"
Over-the- top reunions
There won't be reason to be sad

it is a place to know God's secrets
Heaven will be our home, that's sweet
“What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard,
Will be revealed to us by the Spirit"

and yes we'll get the chance to hang
with all the heroes of the faith
Imagine meeting Noah, Moses, Samuel
Bible personalities small and great

And finally the best of all
We will get to be with Jesus
What else could be greater than that?
The exact reality that Paul saw in Damascus

While we all wait to get to Heaven
watch and stand guard, be alert
until you see a Glimpse of eternity
you won't realize the value of your life on earth