Tuesday, December 11, 2012

63. growing faith

Heavenly Father, although I cry
from pain that breaks my heart
I thank you for the other things
That I know you're doing in my life

Thank you for the new friends
that you put onto my path
Their struggles and their own pains
I pray for them, bless their hearts

Thank you for giving me
the chance to bless others
Thank you for the opportunity
to pray for them, to me it matters.

For every new friend that I meet and pray for
Each time I attend this Bible Study
Adds another layer of concrete
to the wall of faith I build in me.

my faith grows, my faith strengthens
it gives me a new way to look at things
it teaches me to call upon God
to fight these troubles that the World brings.

Monday, December 10, 2012

62. Matthew 21:22

struggling with this pain
each and everyday
some days are worse than the others
in a weird sort of way

sometimes I do feel
a few minutes totally pain-free
i can't help but wonder
if that's a preview of what's to be

a spasm here, a sharp pain there
sometimes a tight grip in my leg
can't stand, can't walk
Take this pain away, O Lord, I beg

it makes me sad, I feel bad
to be a slave of  pain relievers
a rest from this, a pain-free life, 
my heart's desire, my fervent prayer.

my prayer, In Jesus' name, 
Heavenly Father, I ask this
"whatsoever ye ask in prayer
 believing ye shall receive"

Sunday, December 9, 2012

61. I believe

I believe in Jesus
I am thankful for my life
I believe in what  He did
That for you and me, He suffered stripes

 He is the Lamb, the sacrifice
The unblemished, blameless lamb
 He suffered great for all our sins
It is the truth, His grace abounds.

I proclaim His holiness
I glorify His name
I know that some people sneer  at me
On this earth, they don't know why He came.

We are all God's creation
He has a plan for you and me
I believe that very soon
Life will begin in eternity

I was contemplating on this Lenny LeBlanc song which inspired me to write the short poem above.
Let me share the song here:

Saturday, December 1, 2012


i have always looked at the number 7
as the number associated with the Lord
the act of Creation He finished in 6 days
and on the seventh he rested from His work

a few days ago, from a friend came an offer
"Go to amazon.com, let's place an order"
with a new credit card bundled with free $50
I will be the recipient, a "transaction tester"

so  amazon.com I quickly checked
book titles I have always wanted
I picked two books by Charles Stanley
the books plus shipment fee, $57.77 it totalled

the freebie is only for $50
the transaction obviously costs more
but wait there, do you see what I see?
$7.77~ God's number ~ triple!!!

as  I write this verse
a silent prayer, I utter
God bless my friend
Three-folds, may it come back to him, later.

59. one thousand gifts

I got the book via amazon
long-awaited, here at last!
when it arrived, I smiled so big
I limp, I know, but to the gate I dashed.

So excited to finally see
the book with a nest on its cover
that familiar image that I see online
the pages that I turn now, real paper!

the handwriting that I have come to love
the chapter titles she wrote
I skimmed and turned the pages
I am sure that soon there's a lot to quote.

the note the sender wrote
the message I will always treasure
a blessed token of friendship
that even the passing of time can't measure.

my friend T, from across the seas
my sister in Christ, a fellow blogger
my big thanks for this "one thousand gifts"
God bless your heart, my dear sister!

58. thankful

lately I have been unable to write
I had neither verses nor prose to post
so many things got in the way
one after another, problems arose.

while the trials were happening
I have picked up wisdom nuggets
in everything that came to me
I tried to write my thanks after the sun set.

I kept those nuggets of wisdom
in my heart of hearts I can feel
God taught me things, increased my knowledge
He showed me His greatness, God who heals!

my thanksgiving journal
which I started after my surgery in October 20
today after about more than forty days
the last number in the list is 230

The Writer is so right in what she said
Thanksgiving is the key
For us to endure tests and trials
Always give thanks and pray on your knees.