Saturday, December 1, 2012

59. one thousand gifts

I got the book via amazon
long-awaited, here at last!
when it arrived, I smiled so big
I limp, I know, but to the gate I dashed.

So excited to finally see
the book with a nest on its cover
that familiar image that I see online
the pages that I turn now, real paper!

the handwriting that I have come to love
the chapter titles she wrote
I skimmed and turned the pages
I am sure that soon there's a lot to quote.

the note the sender wrote
the message I will always treasure
a blessed token of friendship
that even the passing of time can't measure.

my friend T, from across the seas
my sister in Christ, a fellow blogger
my big thanks for this "one thousand gifts"
God bless your heart, my dear sister!


  1. Glad you finally have it, dear friend! Enjoy! I told our other friend to keep a dictionary handy. AV's writing certainly expanded my vocabulary.

    Take care, sister. Hugs and love to you.

  2. Yes, AV's writing certainly sends me to And the way she phrases things sends me reading certain parts over and over again.
    Hugsss back to you, my dear!