Saturday, December 1, 2012

58. thankful

lately I have been unable to write
I had neither verses nor prose to post
so many things got in the way
one after another, problems arose.

while the trials were happening
I have picked up wisdom nuggets
in everything that came to me
I tried to write my thanks after the sun set.

I kept those nuggets of wisdom
in my heart of hearts I can feel
God taught me things, increased my knowledge
He showed me His greatness, God who heals!

my thanksgiving journal
which I started after my surgery in October 20
today after about more than forty days
the last number in the list is 230

The Writer is so right in what she said
Thanksgiving is the key
For us to endure tests and trials
Always give thanks and pray on your knees.


  1. Keep writing, sister. You'll be surprised at the blessings around us. Even the hard times ~ maybe especially the hard times because that is when we're closest to God.

  2. Thanks sister! I thank God that when I begin to compose the first few lines of a verse in my mind, I feel the surge of the desire to write more and more, even if not on a daily basis. God helps me make up for the slack because on some days, He inspires me to write three in one day :) So true about the hard times -- God is so good - He has changed the way I feel about hardships and I cling to Him more when I am in pain. He soothes and makes it easier for me. Always.