Monday, November 19, 2012

57. Sun and Shield

some days are like this
God directs us to a verse
everywhere you look, there it is
as if telling you, it's time to converse

God will reveal Himself
when the Scriptures you read and study
He prods and He prompts
He guides your life, daily

The Lord is a sun and shield
This is the verse that keeps coming up
Psalms chapter 84, verse 11
Everywhere I look it shows up.

I see it in my prayer wall
I turned to my Bible to read
I checked the day's devotional
and lo! the same verse appeared.

I have the same verse in my notes' cover
Written a year ago
Today's daily verse in my phone's daily bible
the 31st verse in the 22nd chapter of 2Samuel

the words sun, shield, refuge
Coming down like a deluge
SHIELD and SUN, Shield and Sun
GLORY and GRACE of The Holy One.

He is indeed a Sun and a Shield
He shines on me and I bathe in His light
He shields me from unnecessary worry
I battled against worry for His greater Glory

The Lord God is my refuge

Everyday that I face this  uncertainty about a health issue
And everyday I see HIS Grace
I am alive and can still walk, to Him I offer praise.


  1. He is worthy. I bow down to Him in awe. Praise the Lord. I wouldn't be surprised if you went to your bible study or to a worship service and you hear the same verse.

    All glory and honor belongs to Him alone.

  2. He speaks and we are awed. He brings the right verse/blog post/even a page out of a work of fiction to speak to our situation. It's as if He is saying, "Yes, I AM everywhere." His omniscience and omnipresence is marvelous. Praise HIM!