Saturday, December 1, 2012


i have always looked at the number 7
as the number associated with the Lord
the act of Creation He finished in 6 days
and on the seventh he rested from His work

a few days ago, from a friend came an offer
"Go to, let's place an order"
with a new credit card bundled with free $50
I will be the recipient, a "transaction tester"

so I quickly checked
book titles I have always wanted
I picked two books by Charles Stanley
the books plus shipment fee, $57.77 it totalled

the freebie is only for $50
the transaction obviously costs more
but wait there, do you see what I see?
$7.77~ God's number ~ triple!!!

as  I write this verse
a silent prayer, I utter
God bless my friend
Three-folds, may it come back to him, later.


  1. The number of perfection! You have chosen well. Dr. Stanley will not disappoint. Get your highlighter ready. :)

  2. Yes, T! I am excited about the book -- I'll take your advice - neon green highlighter all ready!!! :) - I will surely look for you to share insights with me about the book :)