Wednesday, November 7, 2012

51. worry not

(pic from t2Mari's album) 

each day that pass,
I learn something new
lessons I have heard before
but that which the wild wind blew

how many times
have I heard the SERMON on the Mount
God's reminders and commands
so that in our lives, his Words shall count

He said, "Don't be anxious,
don't worry about anything"
let your requests be known to God
by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving

worry and anxiety
have entered my life recently
health issues in big proportions
one after another, dumped on me

but one thing I cannot deny
that on top of all these issues
There is still God's loving hand
and I say, His Peace, I choose.

Deliverance from a major operation
He provided everything, including costs
Now while waiting for the medical report
A temptation to worry, "Will my life be lost?"

"Can anyone of you, by worrying
add a single hour to your life?
The peace of God which surpasses all understanding
in Christ Jesus will guard your hearts and minds.
[Philippians 4:6–7]

Everyday I feel my thoughts are new
a renewal and a growing of faith
the mustard seed assures my soul
that God will never leave or forsake

I have this peace, God's gift to me
In my brokenness, His grace I found
This earthly life is all but nothing
Hold on to Him till we're Homeward bound.


  1. Amen. Thank you for this reminder. I need it too, sister.

  2. Yes, and amen. Treasure these days - the wondering about the result days - because these are the times we hold on the tightest to Him and He is the nearest. We tend to forget and lose the intensity when times are going well. (I am speaking to myself, too, believe me.)

  3. Thanks for joining me here sisters. This is really a difficult time to wait and I have been through situations like this before but you know, this time it becomes a lot lighter because of my renewed relationship with the Father. I actually feel relief every time I talk to HIM and he eases it. I agree with sis T that God is perfecting something in us and there is reason for all of this. :)
    I mostly talk to myself too in my verses. I write them and I go over them again to remind myself of God's promises. God is good. All the time.