Thursday, November 8, 2012 prayer

Use me as a vessel of Your words
Perform Your work in me
Use my verses, use my prose
To send the message of humility

Bless my thoughts and my actions
Allow me to touch other people's hearts
Teach me how to use Your words
To encourage and remove what hurts.

Enlighten me with Scriptures
Help me find the right words to say
So that each and every verse I write
Will reveal Your wisdom to guide our way.

I humbly ask You, Dear Father
To fill my days with hope
Help me look forward to each tomorrow
So that with any discouragement, I'd cope.

I want more and more of Your words
Enrich my life with Your love
Through my own pains I will proclaim
You are my Father, my Everlasting God.


  1. Amen. This is an answered prayer as I see it, OTV.

  2. Amen too, sister!
    I wrote this spontaneously on my phone after listening to one Charles Stanley podcast. Some days are like this --I just write and the verses flow :)

    Thank you always for the encouragement!

  3. Another amen here. Love the verses and the heart behind each word. You typed this up on your phone? Wow! My phone and I don't always get along when I have to type long paragraphs. :)


  4. I pray that God inspires me more with more verses. He provides the encouragement to write either in verses or in prose. :)

    Yep sister! I type only in the text app that my phone comes with. I have not tried posting directly from my phone, though.