Saturday, November 10, 2012

53. can we go find some darkness?

this is a story of a three year old girl
who went shopping with her mom
to Wal-Mart they went for stuff
at around three in the early morn

for some reason the little girl
she loved flashlights like crazy
so at the counter, her mom picked up one
handed it to the child, who beamed with glee

as the mom was paying for it
the little girl turned the flashlight on
and because it was Wal-Mart, it was bright as day
no light was seen wherever she aimed it upon

she tried and tried to no avail
and so to her mother, she said
can we go find some darkness?
let's leave this bright place instead.

at her tender age she understood
that light works only effectively
only there where there is darkness
a flashlight's beam you can see

it is the same with the light of Christ
that is found in the inside of us
if we take His light unto this dying world
darkness is dispelled in the name of Jesus.

it is an opportunity to do something now
in the midst of darkness, let us shine the light
say to the enemy, "you're not going to win!"
With Jesus' hope and light we'll win this fight.


  1. Nowadays we don't have to go searching for darkness, unfortunately. It's all around us now. The upside? Even the dimmest light can shine.

  2. Amen. Thanks for that insight, sister. Very true. It is my prayer that what we try to contribute to the light through our faith in the Lord can help illuminate the dark places around us.