Sunday, November 11, 2012

54. pardon me

i miss painless days
when i could smile always
tired of a wince and a cringe
would there be relief from a syringe?

today I write a verse
that I know will sound terse
i just want to vent
on my pillow my tears went

a detour from the usual poetry
just one day, pardon me!


  1. I pray that God takes away your pain and if He doesn't, that He would help you bear the pain. In Jesus' name.

    My prayer may sound terse to you, too, sister. But my heart definitely goes to you.

  2. Echoing the above prayer. Father, give her the grace to bear.

  3. Thank you sisters. God's grace falls abundantly. I still have pain but God also gives me the strength and inspiration to write and to read more about him. Praise the Lord.