Wednesday, June 22, 2016

66. men of covenant

photo grabbed from Christ Fellowship's Facebook page here: 

(my notes from Pastor Tom Mullins' Father's Day message on June 18, 2016)

“The thief comes only
to steal and kill and destroy;
I have come that they may have life,
and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)

Thus saith the Lord
In the Bible’s story of Jonathan
He is a defender of truth
A real man of covenant

Children today are under attack
People do not have depth of love
What they now see, and what they now hear
Are 100% contrary to the words of God

In 1 Timothy 6:12
It says: Fight the good fight of the faith.
Claim the promises of eternal life
To which we are all called and told to wait

As fathers we have the responsibility
To shape our children’s lives
Heart and soul, God shall be with us
“Do all that you have in mind” (1 Samuel 14:6-7; 11-12)

 The relevance of the Old Testament
Is that it is where the principles are revealed
What’s truth now and what’s truth then
Truth is truth, it’s armor and shield

Back in the day there were Philistines
They are terrorists, enslavers, robbers
At one point, Philistines vs. Jonathan
In another, David vs. Goliath, the giant.

There are critical decisions to make
In order to achieve victory
Even when you’re alone, and life’s at stake
Remember: “God and I make a majority”

STEP OUT from where you’re hiding
Declare victory, don’t be afraid
When Jonathan stepped out, God stepped in
Defeated those thieves, the Philistines

Step up and take responsibility
Everything starts with one man’s courage
When Jonathan did, he was victorious
The enemy’s loot restored and recovered.

Sometimes we get trapped in the shadows
When we do there’s no turning back
No doubt it is a dangerous place
There are predators that hide in the dark.

In the daytime lions lay on their back
At night they are on the prowl
The darkness gives them power
They unleash their anger with a scowl

Isn’t that what SIN is in our lives?
Its power is in its secrecy
Nail your sins unto the cross
Confess, repent, be free.

Align your lives in God's word
Change priorities in your life
You may never achieve perfection
But can have perfect motive of heart

TEAM UP for victory in the battle
Life is a team effort, remember
You cannot fight battles on your own
We achieve more when we commit together

It's unstoppable what can be done
When we live a life of covenant
It is what God has called us to
Just like the crusader, Jonathan

Jonathan is the perfect teammate
To team up with, like David did
Jonathan saw God’s hand on David
In the course of the story, Jonathan intervened

He gave David time to escape
From the wrath of King Saul, his father
Let’s take his example of a life of covenant
With God, with church, with one another.

Men of covenant fuel us with courage
They urge, they are encouragers
Men of covenant are protectors
Like a paraclete, an advocate and helper

Covenant relationships elevate us
Teaches us to be strong in faith and spirit
Strong men gravitate to other strong men
Men of strength emerge victorious, not the weak.

Strong men are not domineering
They walk with God with integrity
A heart for God is what they have
A desire to live in God’s eternity

Once you’ve stepped out and teamed up
In covenant with others who are in covenant with God
CLIMB UP to higher ground
 And proclaim that you are a man of covenant

You will never climb uphill with downhill habits
Be disciplined in word, prayer life, in service
You cannot lead someone someplace you've never been
Always find someone to love, to inspire, to affirm

Lead your family, and serve the church
Just like how it was done in the Battle of Normandy
Paint the back of your helmets red
This was how the squad was led to safety

Take this challenge in behalf of a man
To paint your spiritual helmets red
The man whose heart is fully committed to God
In the midst of chaos he was clearly and easily found.

Commit your heart and mind
Commit your soul and strength
To serve the King of Kings
To live in eternity in his presence

Make this declaration strongly
Show the world you are a man of covenant
Lead your family and church to victory
Step out, Team up, Climb up